Review: Summer Ruins

Summer Ruins by Trisha Leigh

Summer Ruins by Trisha Leigh

A final battle for the survival of Earth is coming.

Between the alien Others and the destruction of humanity stand four Dissidents.

When the Prime Other banishes them to the Harvest Site to live the remainder of their time on earth as slaves, the Dissidents use the opportunity to learn more about the substance that keeps the Others alive…and how they might use it to their advantage. But the Others guard their secrets well, and the Prime Other has proven his willingness to do whatever’s necessary to secure a future for his race, no matter what or who is destroyed in the process.

When Althea and the boys realize their lives could be the key to allowing another planet to suffer the same fate as earth, they promise they’ll die before they let that happen. If they can’t figure out how to turn the tables in their favor before the Summer Celebration, they might have to do just that.

The end draws near, and there’s only one question left—are the Dissidents going to save their chosen people or perish alongside them?

(Description from Goodreads)

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Whenever you finish a book series that you find yourself so invested in, do you ever fall into a depressed state of being? Perhaps, a book hangover? Well, that’s how I feel right now after finishing The Last Year series by Trisha Leigh. Wow. I am still trying to figure out how I’m supposed to function after finishing such a fantastic YA book series. I became so attached to the characters in this series that I felt like I was right in the middle of the action with them. Where do I even begin for this review?

Considering this is the fourth and final book in the series, there’s really not much I can say without giving away things that happened in the other three books. However, I can say that this book kept my heart rate up pretty much the entire time. By the end of the book, I felt like I had just worked out for who knows how long. Through this series, I have become so attached to Althea, Lucas, and Pax, and by this book, even Deshi. I have been rooting for these Dissidents from the very beginning (as you’re supposed to do with the protagonists), which in turn has made me care deeply for them.

A series is a rather difficult undertaking, but Trisha does a remarkable job at pulling everything together in this final book. I was blown away by how she managed to end the series while staying true to the tone of the other three books in the series. In all of the books, there was a great deal of love, loss, courage, heartbreak, and many other aspects; this book was no different. While Althea’s task to basically save her planet is quite a bit different from ordinary teenager tasks, the idea of Althea trying to find happiness and finding herself are journeys typical for ordinary teenagers.

There was nothing lacking in this final book. The author did a remarkable job at pulling everything that has happened over the course of the books into a satisfying conclusion. I won’t say too much, because I feel that without reading the other books, I’ll either confuse others or completely spoil something important, but I really enjoyed how the ending wasn’t a typical “happy ending” in the YA world. There was definitely heartache and loss (I even cried quite a few times throughout the entire series) and I am absolutely heartbroken to see these characters leave my life with the ending of the series. However, I truly appreciate how the author stuck to the true mood of the series by not allowing the book to fall into the stereotypical ending of most YA books; I think the fact that this series is a mixture of sci-fi and dystopian helps that aspect a bit, as most dystopian novels don’t normally have true happy endings.

In all honesty, I’m still having a hard time coming up with something to say about this wonderful YA series. How do you say good-bye to a series and the characters you have grown to care for? Even though the reader ends up saying good-bye to quite a few important characters throughout this book (not too much of a spoiler alert, but yes, it happens), it’s still hard to say good-bye to the rest at the end of the book. This is the first series I have reviewed in my YA book blog, and I’m very glad it was this one. If anyone is considering reading these books, I encourage you to do so. This is a remarkable series, so definitely start from the beginning.

I think I can safely say that Greer is my favorite character in the whole series. Well, aside from Wolf that is. I hope many will discover this great series and love it as much as I do.

Side Note: Trisha Leigh, the author of the series, now follows me on Twitter and even tweeted me after I said how much I loved the series! How awesome is that? 🙂


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