2014 Book Blog Resolutions

Could it be? Is this seriously a post that does not contain a book review in it? Quite possibly…

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about my blog quite a bit recently and there are some things I want to do differently with it. Obviously I’ll be keeping my book reviews the same (that was the whole point when I created this blog in the first place), but I want to participate more in the blogging world. So, I figured what better time to start something new than the beginning of a new year?

1. I will start reading YA books that have not just been recently published. What do I mean by this? For the past year and a half, I have told myself I will only read and review YA books that have recently been published. However, I’ve also learned that isn’t exactly realistic, at least for my hectic life. Not only am I a full time graduate student, but I also have a full time job as a high school librarian, so my free time to read is very limited (at least until May 2014)! If I focus on only reading recently released books, not only do I put myself on a time constraint, but I miss out on reading so many awesome YA books. Plus, I have an entire high school library at my fingertips…shouldn’t I use it? Of course I should.

2. I will start commenting more and truly reading other bloggers’ posts. As of right now, I’m only commenting on things others comment to me on which just isn’t fair. On top of that, I only read other bloggers’ posts when I get the email alert and even then I only see it on my phone; I don’t truly get to enjoy posts. So, I will start setting aside some time to read through the posts that come up and commenting on those I enjoy.

3. I want to start participating more in the blogging world. I love reading posts (when I can) that focus on books, but aren’t necessarily a book review…like the original feature/weakly meme of “Top Ten Tuesday” by The Broke and The Bookish. Even if I only start participating in one thing (for now), that’s still something more than I’m already doing. Sounds reasonable, right? And fun!

4. I want/need to read what I already have. I have a true problem when it comes to buying books to the ratio of how many I’ve read. Seriously, if I read one book, I end up buying at least ten more. My TBR list is becoming ridiculous and it keeps getting longer and longer, especially since I’ve been receiving ARCs a lot more. My TBR list is even longer now that I’m taking a young adult class for graduate school this spring semester and I have to read two books a week in that class. Of course, the books all sound amazing (I FINALLY will get to read The Fault in Our Stars!), but that just makes my list twice as long. Time to stop wasting my free time.

5. I will read what I want to read. I mean, I have been doing this already, but sometimes I rely on what others say about a book when it comes to whether or not I will pick it up. Kind of defeats the purpose of having your own review blog, but the power of persuasion is strong. I need to only focus on the description of the book and how it sounds and whether or not I could possibly enjoy it. There have been plenty of books that others loved and I hated, and the other way around. Time to start focusing on what I think and like, not on what everyone else thinks and likes.

As for reading goals, I don’t really want to put a specific amount on how many books I want to read, because I’ll feel awful if I can’t manage that, but I would love to read at least 50 books this coming year. Apparently that’s low for some people, but that would be awesome for me. I also want to work on the layout of my blog, as it looks kind of…bleh, to me. I’m taking a web design class this semester just for the heck of it (mostly because I need just two more credits to actually graduate), so maybe that will help me spruce it up a bit.

So how about with everyone else? Who else has set some reading/blogging/whatever resolutions? Hope everyone has a fantastic year!


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