Talk It Out Thursday – Book Signing Etiquette

4talkitoutthursdayTalk It Out Thursday is a discussion feature here at The Printed YA Word that takes place every Thursday.

Okay, so my topic of discussion today is about the proper etiquette for book signings. Why? Well, a little bit later today, I’m going to a book signing that features three amazing YA authors, my personal favorite being Victoria Schwab (author of The Archived and the sequel The Unbound.) I’m so excited about going, but it made me stop and think…what is the “proper” etiquette for attendees of book signings? Let me explain…

I'm assuming I can't twirl around after having my book signed...

I’m assuming I can’t twirl around after having my book signed…

As a fan of books and someone who plans to attend a book signing, aside from getting the author’s autograph, there’s one other thing I really hope I can get: a picture with the author. But I know at some book signings that this isn’t allowed and at others it is, but isn’t advertised; in some cases, people have to sneak a shot of the author during the event. So before I go to this book signing, I’m just wondering, is it actually okay of me to ask for a picture together with the author? My request goes even further to having two pictures taken, one on my iPhone (for Instagram, duh) and one on one of my Polaroid cameras (yes, I have three). Do you think it’s okay to ask the author, “Hey, mind if I get a picture with you?” or is that too forward. Of course, I really could just tweet this question, since Victoria Schwab has favorited AND commented on my tweets that have her in them, but I was kinda nervous to ask… Perhaps I’ll just wait and see what others do when I get to the event later.

Of course, that just leads to the question, “what am I going to wear?” Another discussion entirely…


Pardon the AHS gifs…I’m mourning the end of the 3rd season.


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