Talk It Out Thursday – Library Classification Systems

4talkitoutthursdayTalk It Out Thursday is a discussion feature here at The Printed YA Word that takes place on Thursday…when I have something to discuss.

Okay, so this just came to mind when I was told by my school’s bookkeeper that I have to spend $235.35 on library office supplies before next week. I won’t have any problem with that, but I was thinking about what I plan to do in the library this summer to freshen it up a bit and make it newer; so, I came across classification/genre labels. My hope for this summer is to rearrange the fiction section of the library. What do I mean by that? I’ll still keep parts of the Dewey Decimal System (DDC) in place, but I plan to group the fiction section by genre, instead of being mixed together. This will most likely be a huge task I’m taking on, but I’m determined to do it. thumbsupI wrote a paper last system about why the DDC system SHOULD be maintained in libraries. However, I also mentioned how classifying certain sections by genres can also be a beneficial practice for libraries; students who like (or want) to read will come to me and say something along the lines of, “What’s a good [insert genre here] book?” and I end up suggesting the same titles over and over again because I haven’t read every book in the library (I know, it’s terrible). So by classifying the fiction section by genre (but keep the DDC in place for the alphabetical value), it will not only make it easier for students to find a book they are truly interested in, but it will keep me from looking like an uninformed YA librarian (and I’m all for that!)

winkSo what do y’all think about different library classification systems? I’m still a fan of the DDC, but I love the genre classification system as well. The joys of being a librarian.


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