UPDATE: As of 2014, I will be using a new method to review books. Instead of a star rating, I’m going to use a grade rating (I’m a high school librarian, so think school grades) and will primarily stick to those, though sometimes I may find myself adding a + or a – to a grade, depending on how I feel about the book.

When I rate the YA books I read and review, I base it off of this scale:

It was amazing = Arating

Really liked it = Brating

Liked it = Crating

It was okay = Drating

Didn’t like it = Frating

Occasionally I’ll come across a book that deserves an A+ grading and that means it was spectacular. But that’s rare, as I try to stick to the 5 grades. I also do ratings in increments of + and -, as I sometimes find myself stuck between two grades.


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